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Galrey 1.0 has been released

«Oh, is there really a need for yet another presentation system?»

Well … let me explain

Some days ago, I was trying to bend a real presentation system to suit my needs. Unsuccesfully. Then I realized something.

We have a great AUTHORING language at our disposal: HTML(5). We have an almighty PRESENTATION control language: CSS(3). We have also an immensily powerful presentation machine: our web browser. So I joined them, added some (very) spicey JavaScript and Galrey was born.

The idea – of course – is not entirely new: meet S5 or the HTML5Rocks slide system. But there are differences: Galrey is simpler to use for the author because it has a more complex "brain". Within a simpler framework, you have a much more flexible and powerful system. Hiding the hairy techy details to let the author focus in creating the slides has been indeed one of the primary goals.

Using HTML and CSS3 gives you some peculiar advantages over other presentation systems: you do not fear the resolution of the slide projector anymore. Any display resolution works, even on your mobile device. You also need no "reader" other than a recent web browser. HTML is also natively multimedia oriented: just add your videos, your mp3/ogg or any other kind of <object> you may like.

Galrey is also free software. Let me now bother you with the feature list:

  • Start from a robust and straightforward HTML5 "master" file to insert your slides into
  • Use a simple and extensibile way to add your own CSS (think «theming»)
  • Keyboard, mouse and touch slides navigation (next, prev, first, etc)
  • Auto or fixed viewport resizing (font size is scaled as well)
  • Unobtrusive enhancement (look: only 1 script! No styles!)
  • Works offline (you do not need internet – just use your USB key or hard drive)
  • Autoplay, with configurable timers
  • Simplified web font management (uses Google's WebFont loader)
  • Sticky header and footer
  • On screen help
  • Audio and Video HTML5 elements (with smart start/stop)
  • Audio volume timed decrease
  • Good printing support
  • jQuery goodness
  • Every slide is bookmarkable
  • Works with Firefox and webkit based browsers: lot of choice!
  • Well documented

There are limits as well:

  • We need some "magic" to make <video> and <audio> work reliably. You may expect problem (expecially in webkit based browsers)
  • Printing is delegated to the browser. I do my best to accomodate, but the results are quite disappointing
  • «Export»? «Save as...»? Not. But, hey, you can print to file, right?
  • Galrey must be authored in HTML and styled with CSS; there's no graphic user interface with fancy drag & drops or «Click here to change the title». You open a file, create your slides, make them up with CSS and you're done. If you're not comfortable with this workflow, you can still use it with some sort of basic features.